5 Ways You Can Use Motion Graphics

In this final blog of a three-part series, I cover some common ways motion graphics can be effectively used in digital marketing. If you’re interested in learning about how effective motion graphics are, or what you need to have before starting an animation, please read my two previous blog posts!

What kind of content should you make for your business? It depends on your business however, I can share some common uses for motion graphics that have proven their effectiveness. Odds are your business could benefit from incorporating some of these into your marketing efforts! One reason why motion graphics is so effective is its versatility. As long as you know what you want to communicate, have the budget, and have the time, you can create almost anything.

Explainer Animations

The term explainer animation covers a variety of animated video content. Basically, if you’re trying to convey a message, they’re worth your consideration. Do you have a great story about why you started your business? Tell it with an explainer animation. Do you find yourself or your sales team explaining the same information to every potential client? Create an engaging animation you can send to people before they meet with you. Want to show what makes your business different from the competition? …Yup! Explainer animation is a great solution.

Video Titles and Overlays

Do you already have a video series on Facebook, Youtube, or some other site? Well, there are plenty of ways to use motion graphics to enhance your video content! Improve your generic titles with custom, branded animation that makes your content more engaging, distinctive, and memorable. You can also add more graphic overlays that reinforce information mentioned by people on screen, draw attention to key objects, and increase the overall information density of your video content.

Social Media Content

Social media content is everywhere. To stand out in the sea of posts, tweets, Snaps, and messages, having custom motion graphics can get you better ROI on your marketing efforts than almost anything else out there. Animated GIFs are a popular option. They are quick to load, can loop indefinitely, and are easy to make. Short (10 seconds or so) videos are also a great option if you want audio. You can also simply post an explainer animation on your various social media pages!

Logo Animations

Do you want something simple to spice up your website, use for an event booth, or add to your email signature? Animating your company’s logo is a great way to attract attention and interest your way!

Event Invitations

Show the mood, style, and information about your upcoming event with a short animation that can be linked to in emails or posted on social media.

In Conclusion

Motion graphics has numerous applications in digital marketing, has proven to be effective at generating qualified leads, improving ROI, and engaging your target audience. Learn more about the motion graphic services I provide.

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