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Motion Graphic Videos to Promote Business

Animation to Promote Business

Many businesses have two major issues preventing their website from getting the type of sales conversions they want, need, and expect:

  1. They lack a well crafted story about their business, ideas, technology, solutions, or services.
  2. They lack a vehicle to share their story, in a quick, yet engaging and effective way!

Even if a business has crafted their story, many times it hasn’t been updated in quite a while, or is about a product or concept that isn’t easy to film.

That’s where we come in! Squash and Stretch Productions creates custom, high quality motion graphics and animated content for websites, presentations, events, Facebook and social media advertising, and more!

Don’t lose your next visitor because your story is text only, outdated, or a video with just a “talking head!” Experience how animation can dramatically help boost traffic and conversions on your website!

Promote Business and inspire audience with Animation


Promoting Business with Animation

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