Using Animation to Explain Mediation Services

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Using Animation to Explain DLB-K Mediation Services

Conflict resolution can be a tricky service to promote. When Donna from DLB-K Mediation came to us for help explaining what her business did, she wasn’t sure what to expect. We began the video animation production process by brainstorming how to represent all the different types of conflicts she helps resolve, while sticking to her budget. By the time out first meeting ended, she couldn’t wait to see the final result. We didn’t disappoint. Her final animation was simple, soothing, and clearly explained why her services were valuable. She loved it!

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Animation script for DLB-K Mediation

Conflicts can happen in any aspect of your life. Neighborhood disputes over issues like tree growth, noise, and fence repair costs often end up in small claims court. A homeowner and a contractor might disagree about some aspect of a job, which leads to delays, frustration, and often litigation. Tenants and Landlords disagree over rent, deposits, and property maintenance, causing stress for everyone involved.

Disputes between patients and healthcare providers often relate to treatment choices and payments, and can lead to litigation. Not even family members are immune from conflict over important life decisions during elder care and asset distribution.

All of these conflicts and more can be settled, without the stress and cost of going to court through neutral mediation. I can help you bridge the gap in such conflicts and find a solution acceptable to both parties. Are you involved in a conflict and wish to resolve it?

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