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Animation Video Production to Explain Cage & Aquarium DJ Services

Analogies are a powerful tool for explaining ideas. Cage and Aquarium needed to clearly explain why their DJs were the best. The animation video production process began with a brainstorming session, in which we came up with the idea to equate DJ and Catering options for an event. The final result was a fun animation showing how having a great DJ is just as important as having a great Caterer. It was so effective, that Cage and Aquarium has grown enough to separate from its parent company!

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Animation script for Cage and Aquarium company

You want your upcoming event to be the best. You’ve found the perfect venue, hired an amazing caterer, and now need the right music. When you were choosing a caterer, you could have picked the cheaper option at the expense of quality, but went with one who provides the high quality service your guests expect without breaking your budget. Choosing a DJ is surprisingly similar. You could go with a basic option and get a decent result. Or, you could choose a professional DJ from Cage and Aquarium and get a talented performer who sets the desired mood for your event, engages your guests, and helps make your event as great as it can be.

Make your event amazing with a DJ from Cage and Aquarium!

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Promoting Business with Animation

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