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Animated Video Advertisement for AFE Fire Protection

AFE approached our video animation production house for a short advertisement they could run in a movie theater in Alameda, CA. They wanted something quick, fun, and impactful. We used a highly stylized look to enable us to quickly transition between scenes, and a character that could make the dangerous situation of a car fire entertaining and humorous. The result was an engaging short animated video that clearly communicated the client’s message.

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– When you turn on a light, you want it to work,
– When you start your car, you want it to work,
– but when you use a fire extinguisher, you need it to work.

-That’s why Alameda Businesses and Homeowners have relied on AFE Fire Protection for over 21 years.

-Give us a call or come see us at our Webster Street location and see how we can help.

Phone: 510-523-6025
Address: 1537 Webster St., Alameda, CA 94501

Fire Extinguisher Sales and Service
Annual Fire Inspections
Fire Training
Fire Hose Sales & Service
First Aid Sales
Coast Guard Compliance for boats
Emergency Lighting
Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

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Promoting Business with Animation

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