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Animation to Market your Business

Explainer Animations

It is an umbrella term that includes a variety of Animated Videos, which can be used to tell a story, explain concepts, demonstrate procedures, and more!

Video Overlays

A well-made video can effectively give your audience a glimpse into your world, values, and actions. One common aspect of such videos are overlaid animated graphics like titles, graphs, and names.

Social Media Content

There is a ton of new content being posted on Social Media every second. Improve the chances of your profile being seen by using Animated Videos on social media!

Content Bundles

Consistency is key if you want results fro a marketing campaign. We can bundle multiple animations of various formats together to keep the look and feel the same over your whole campaign, while minimizing production time and expense.

Animation Options

2D Animation

This digital format boasts almost unlimited options when it comes to visual styles, topics, and tone. Basically, as long as you know what you want to say, who you want to connect with, and have the time and the budget, there’s nothing we can’t make. Some styles are more time and labor intensive than others, and factor greatly on the total budget.


Versatile visual style options


Engaging and fun to watch


Effective at inspiring action


Uses multiple learning styles


Dynamic visuals grab attention

3D Animation

Perfect for tech demos and simulations, this format has a longer production process than 2D animation. But, the results are amazing. The longer process does mean that 3D is generally more expensive per minute than 2D. There are some ways to combine 2D and 3D, which can reduce production time and yield fantastic results.


Precise models and visuals


Simulate real world effects


Combine seamlessly with video


Achieve realistic detail


Combine with 2D for stunning results


Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my animation take to produce?

It depends on the project. A good rough estimate for 2D is probably 4 to 6 weeks if everything goes smoothly.

How much will my project cost?

The three factors that impact the production time and cost for an animation are the visual style, duration and number of characters. So, it varies.

Also, an animation is an investment in your business, not just an expense. By investing the right amount into your content, you can attract many more clients. Animated Videos often pay for themselves many times over in additional revenue!

Why is 3D more expensive than 2D?

The 3D production process contains a number of additional steps that increase the time and number of specialized team members needed. When done well, the results are definitely worth it.

The standard production process for 2D is: Story Development, Script Writing, Storyboarding, Visual Style Development, Record Voice Over, Create Visual Assets, Animation: Blocking, Animation Breakdowns, Animation: Polishing, Exporting.

The standard production process for 3D is: Story Development, Script Writing, Storyboarding, Visual Style Development, Record Voice Over, Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Rigging, Animation: Blocking, Animation Breakdowns, Animation: Polishing, Rendering, Compositing, Exporting.

How do I know which visual style to use?

We determine which visual style to use for an animation based on a few factors. One, your existing brand and marketing content. Two, your target audience and what will appeal to them. Three, what current styles are “in” right now. Four, your project budget.

Fortunately, animation is so versatile that it’s unlikely we can’t find a style that will satisfy those criteria!


We start with a discovery meeting to plan out the goals, scope, and strategy for your content


Our team creates everything from the script, to storyboard, to final animation; and, you get to approve each step.


We coordinate with your marketing team to get you the final content on time, on budget, and in the right format

Content Options

Single Animation

We’ll explain the entire production process during our free consultation, and show you how your content can pay for itself many times over!

Content Bundles

If you need more than one animation, for your marketing funnel, sales funnel, or other campaigns, we can create an asset library for your entire project. By sharing assets, the production time and expense for each animation is greatly reduced. Plus, the visual style remains consistent over your entire project.

Using Animated Videos for Your Business

Animation to Generate Business

Do you want to grow your business by attracting more potential clients to your company? Animated Videos are a great way to share your story – why you’re the best option for your clients – with more people in your target market. This means you’ll have more of your ideal clients in your sales funnel! These ideal clients will be more likely to buy from you, be repeat business, and be a joy to work with. If that sounds good to you, then get in touch!

Using Motion Graphics Video to Explain Concepts

It’s hard to sell something if nobody knows what it does, or why it’s better than what their already using. Motion Graphics Videos are an effective way at explaining even abstract and complex ideas in a clear and concise way. It’s extra important when the topic being explained could be considered dry or clinical. For example, most people enjoy reading medical or insurance documents – unless they have to – because they often are jargon-heavy and boring. The same information, told through and animated story, keeps your audience entertained while they learn the information you want them to know! Now, they understand the concepts, and have a positive emotional connection to your message. Success! If you want those kinds of results, get in touch!

Engage Your Audience Using Animated Videos

With how much content is competing for our attention these days, it’s a challenge to get and hold your target market’s attention long enough for them to get your message. It’s not enough anymore to just throw your content into the mix. You need to show how what you do integrates into the lives of your audience. They need to feel like you understand them, that you ARE them, that you belong with them.

Animated Videos can engage your target audiences so you can make these vital connections. Plus, with comment sections and direct messaging, you can start a dialogue with the people you want to connect with, which will further strengthen your bond. Content is no longer king. Integration is the new marketing monarch of our world. Long live the king!

Working with Karl and his team was fantastic! He managed the production process on his side effectively and was extremely prompt with communication and delivery.

Harry Litvack

Owner, Lit Digital Media

One of the great things people should know about Karl is that he is a person of integrity and completely focuses on providing as much value for others as possible.

Clifton Mbanugo

Owner, Clifton Creative Web

They not only stuck with us through some of the project's twists and turns, but also did a stellar job turning over quality work quickly. Our client and our shop was thrilled with Squash and Stretch under Karl's leadership.

Brandon Wasserburger

Creative Director, Fire Tribe Inc.

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