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My Story

I’ve been an artist all my life; my dad nurtured my passion for storytelling from an early age with engaging accounts of his life. After seeing Toy Story I was inspired to tell stories with animation.

Then life threw me a curveball. Just before my senior year in high school, I started feeling ill. I was frustrated and scared because after eight months I seemed to be wasting away. The answer came after an MRI. My pediatrician entered; we knew it was bad. We sat down in a room with big, c-shaped chairs that had high armrests. My doctor showed me the results. I had two brain tumors! 

The news hit me like a punch to the chest. I actually moved backwards in my chair. Before then I’d been very healthy. I was a competitive swimmer who’d never had the Flu, broken any major bones, been stung by a bee, or even been bitten by a mosquito! My world reeled. It didn’t feel real. In a weird way, I also felt relieved because we finally knew why I was sick! Fortunately, my family, friends, and community stepped up to help. From my biopsy surgery, through chemotherapy, and all the way to my last day of radiation, the people around me supported me when I needed it most. I graduated on time with cancer behind me.

In college, while studying animation, I participated in a student design competition. At the award ceremony, when the whole auditorium laughed at the joke in my animation, I felt connected to everybody. The rush I felt signaled that I’d found my purpose in life. I would use animation and storytelling to connect people facing overwhelming challenges with cutting edge solutions.

To that end, I started Squash and Stretch Productions. In this increasingly disconnected world, people are drawn to a great story for the same reason our ancient ancestors gathered around campfires. Through storytelling I can help companies attract and maintain clients, inspire investors, and motivate employees. I’m fulfilling my mission: Connecting the World with Stories.


Karl Pontau - Motion Graphic Artist

Karl Pontau

Motion Graphic Artist
Owner of Squash & Stretch Productions

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Our Team

Squash and Stretch Production’s team consists of numerous local writers, graphic and visual designers, other motion graphic artists and designers, voice over artists, and audio designers. We can put together a team to fit almost any project, working in almost any visual style. If you have an idea for a motion graphics video, odds are we can make for you on time and on budget.

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