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My Story

When I was 15 years old, I was diagnosed with two malignant brain tumors. It was a week before my senior year of high school, and completely threw my life askew. Fortunately, I received immense amounts of help from many different sources. Some sources, like my family and friends, were expected. Surprisingly, my school and people I hadn’t seen for a decade also came to my aid. My school pulled a bunch of strings to get me a tutor and customize my schedule so I could graduate on time. Some of my parents’ coworkers dropped off meals for our family and bought really nice get well soon gifts.

That experience inspired me as a motion graphic artist to help others and give back to those dealing with challenges in their own lives; and, Squash and Stretch Productions is a key tool to achieve that goal. SnSP provides motion graphics and animation services for marketing, education, and entertainment purposes. Our ideal clients include small to medium sized businesses that provide services that improve the lives of their clients. Motion graphic artist like myself help our clients engage with potential customers, share their stories, and promote their companies online. SnSP often collaborates with other talented, creative professionals when creating amazing digital content for our clients. By helping businesses that help others, I help their clients find solutions to the problems they face.


Helping clients of SnSP is not the only way I try to help others. I also practice #MyGive4, which means I try to take 4 hours of every week to volunteer my time, contribute my skills or talents, donate my money, and give network referrals. These contributions range from buying the coffee of a person behind me at Starbucks, to creating the intro animation for TedxVail, to starting a support group for young professionals dealing with brain tumors.

I’m always interested in learning people’s’ stories and how I might be able to help, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

If you’d like to learn more about how animation and storytelling can help your business, please download this PDF!

Karl Pontau - Motion Graphic Artist

Karl Pontau

Motion Graphic Artist
Owner of Squash & Stretch Productions

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Our Team

Squash and Stretch Production’s team consists of numerous local writers, graphic and visual designers, other motion graphic artists and designers, voice over artists, and audio designers. We can put together a team to fit almost any project, working in almost any visual style. If you have an idea for a motion graphics video, odds are we can make for you on time and on budget.

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