Inbound Marketing: How Storytelling Improves Your ROI

In today’s competitive market, you want to get the most from your inbound marketing budget. To do that, you need your message to be seen, engage your target audience, and inspire them to act. So, how can you be more confident that your efforts are going to be successful?

Tell a story.

Bay To Bay Animation from Karl Pontau on Vimeo.


People are more likely to connect with your brand if you connect on a deeper level that simply explaining what you do or how you do it. You needs to explain WHY you do what you do. Your target audience will empathize and engage with you and your experiences, which increases the bond they have with your brand. Evidence strongly suggests that people make decisions based on how they feel. (https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/intense-emotions-and-strong-feelings/201012/it-or-not-emotions-will-drive-the-decisions-you)

By building a deeper connection between your business and your audience, you’ll increase the chances of them picking you over your competition.

Storytelling also provides a useful structure for you to organize and prioritize the info in your message. One commonly used format includes Introducing a problem, explaining the consequences of not solving said problem, outlining your solution, and showing the positive outcome from using your solution. By using such formatting, you’ll know what research you need to do before starting your campaign.

So if you’re looking to generate more qualified leads for your business, tell a story. You’ll enjoy much better returns over simply stating your mission, explaining features, or using lots of jargon.


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