3 Animation Trends on How to Really Catch Their Eye

In our last post, we focused on some of the design trends we’re seeing in animation. For today, let’s focus on some of the more technical trends. Trends that enhance the simplicity, realism, and splash of the design trends by letting technology do more of the work – giving you better animations in less time.

Isometric Images

Isometric drawing may be the launch pad into 3D graphics, but they are not actually 3D. You know that if you could walk around the image it would still be flat, no matter the apparent depth of the front view. (On a side note, M.C. Escher, and other designers of his genre, use isometry to create their most mind-bending works.)

Despite the limitations of isometric images as compared to full 3D graphics, they are still extremely popular. Their look can be sleek and modern – traditionally popular with tech companies – or cuter to lighten up a heavy or complex topic.

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Combined Video & Animation

Using technology called Camera Tracking (also known as Motion Tracking and Match Moving), animators can realistically add objects to a video that were not in the original shoot.

While obviously extremely popular in the movie special effects field, marketing also makes good use of this technology. For example, a wide view of a field of crops with an Annual Yield pie chart standing within the field. We don’t know of any farmers growing Annual Yield pie charts; however, Camera Tracking can give an audience that impression.

Mixed Media

People frequently get caught up on a specific animation technology. The truth of the matter is that good animators are current on all the technology and know how to use each one to its best. Take a look at this Squash & Stretch Productions promotional animation:

Pretty cool, if we do say so. Did you notice that there were 2D graphics and 3D graphics? Would you guess that some of the 3D effects were done with 2D technology? If you watch it again, you may see some of the differences, but only because you looked for them. (And no, we will not provide any hints.)

The point is that animators know their craft and know how to use their tools.

If you have any questions about a particular animation trend, or want to know how some of these trends can keep people riveted to your site, Squash & Stretch is just a phone call away!

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