Top 3 Animation Trends That Grab More Attention

How do you get people to stay on your website once they land there? You capture their attention. There are many ways to create reader engagement – some more annoying than others. Currently, graphic animations are proving to be one of the most popular attention-grabbing devices.

What makes an animation so successful? When done well, they concisely tell a story that inspire readers to find out more. They can also provide easy-to-digest explanations for complex topics. How do they do that? In part by following design trends that prove to engage audiences. Overall, simplicity and realism seem to be the overarching theme in today’s most effective animations

Keep Animation Simple

They say a picture is worth 1000 words. Lately, it seems the simpler the picture the more words it is worth.
An effective graphic makes a statement. By simplifying the image, the artist can focus more on the message. A simple image is not as easy as it might sound. You do want to convey the message, just not with so much artistic detail that the art speaks louder than the meaning.

As part of the simplicity trend, monochromatic images and line drawings are on the rise. Again, the point is not the detail in the image but in the message the image conveys.

Simplicity in animation is even more impactful than in still images. With fewer moving parts to track, the point of the animation – your message – becomes even clearer.

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Keep It Real

Realistic imagery is another key trend in animation. Realism and simplicity may seem contradictory, after all, life is far from simple. Stick with me.

Life is three-dimensional. Computer screens, on the other hand, are two-dimension. How do you convey 3D messages in a 2D space? Well, there is all sorts of tech for that. The fundamental concept, though, is isometric illustrating. Basically, the artist provides an angled, and generally downward, view of the scene. With this change of perspective, the artist can provide a 3D sense to the 2D screen.

By working in an isometric view, animators give their creations more life – depth in an otherwise flat world.

Give It a Splash

Simplistic and realistic can become boring fairly quickly. Fear not! For animation is an art, and no artist tolerates boring in their work. This is where patterns and textures come into play.

Pattern and texture create depth to an image with a bit of whimsy. Very few things in nature are polka-dotted or cross-hatched, yet those patterns in your animation help spark the imagination of your viewer. And that’s the whole point of an animation, right? To capture the viewer’s attention.

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