Impress Your Client’s Target Audience with Animated Videos!

Squash and Stretch Productions

Get your own animation production team of expert artists and designers without the hassle of hiring full time staff! We handle the entire production process from script, to storyboards, to final deliverables.

Show Your New Tech

Clearly explain what your products do and how they work!

Engage Your Audience

People don’t like to read. Animated Videos are much more engaging and entertaining.

Inspire Action

Emotions drive decision-making. Use your story to move people.

Improve Your Clients’ Marketing Content!

At Squash and Stretch Productions, we know you want your clients to have engaging marketing content. In order to do that, you want to offer premium animation and motion graphics services. The problem is, hiring an in-house animation team is too expensive, which makes you feel frustrated and worried that you’re missing out on new potential clients.

We believe your company deserves to have access to a professional, turn-key animation team, without the increased overhead and hassle of hiring them permanently. We understand that you are experts at the numerous services your company already provides, and don’t want to stretch your team too thin. That’s why we combine your expertise with our team of creatives to produce the animated content your clients need. Here’s how it works, first we see how animation would have the most impact, and scope out your client’s content; then, our team creates everything from scripts to final deliverables; finally, we use your client’s expertly crafted marketing infrastructure to get their content in front of their ideal customers.

So schedule a free discovery meeting, and learn how together we can create the content your clients need to succeed!

Attract Ideal Clients

Increase Lead Generation

Explain Complex Concepts

Attract Ideal Clients

Do you want your clients to have more customers who are more likely to buy, willing to spend more, and stay with them longer? Of course! 

By effectively showing your clients’ values and how they improve their customers’ lives with animation, their marketing can attract more of the people they want and less of the ones they don’t!

Increase Lead Generation

Do you want to attract more potential customers for your clients online? Yes!

There are more people online than ever before; and, there are lots of things vying for their attention. In order to gain their attention and hold it, your client’s content has to be customized and high quality. 

Explain Complex Concepts

Do you find it difficult to explain your clients’ products or services? Yeah!

People don’t like to read, and have short attention spans. When they see a wall of text on a website, they often click away without reading anything. 

Conveying that same information as an animated video is way more effective. People love watching videos! They’re entertaining, engage more of our brains, and can create a positive emotional connection.

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“Helping you achieve your goals is our highest priority. When our clients succeed, we succeed.”

Karl Pontau

Owner, Squash and Stretch Productions

How much of your clients’ content makes people say, “Wow, I need to share this,” when they see it? A lack of high quality marketing content can be costing your clients a great deal!

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Boost your online marketing ROI with Animated Videos!

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