Squash and Stretch Productions plans, creates, and delivers engaging, custom motion graphics content to increase brand awareness, explain complex concepts, and generate more qualified leads for your business. We produce a variety of content including explainer animations, animated GIFs, and animated bumpers.

Increase Traffic

60% of visitors watch a video before reading any text

Increase Engagement

90% increase in website click through rates

Increase Conversion

88% of visitors stay longer and purchase more on sites with video content

Let's Start Your Motion Graphic Project

Karl has done a great job capturing the essence of the Oasis venture in 7 animations that are included on our website.

Karl is very professional, creative, and focused. He met or exceeded all project milestones with high quality results.

A pleasure to work with, Karl will be invited back to help with the telling of our story again and again as our story evolves.


Our company landed a large eLearning animation project from one of our clients involving a lot of character animation with multiple videos. The project had many complexities as well as a tight schedule during the holidays. We brought on Karl and his company Squash and Stretch Productions. They not only stuck with us through some of the project's twists and turns, but also did a stellar job turning over quality work quickly. Our client and our shop was thrilled with Squash and Stretch under Karl's leadership and animating talents. Anyone in need of animation - character or otherwise need look no further than here.

Brandon Wasserburger

Owner, FireTribe Inc.


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